How Many Treatments and How Often?

Because each patient’s health problems and response to treatment are unique, the number and frequency of treatments vary. The number of treatments necessary depends on the condition being treated.

Recent injuries and conditions seen at an early stage will often improve immediately. Those conditions that have been present for longer periods may require more treatment, and serious derangements of structure or metabolism will require extensive therapy.

For many disorders, symptoms reflect underlying conditions that may have to be treated beyond the point at which symptoms have improved.

If treatments are stopped too quickly after symptoms begin to respond, the condition may eventually return.

A course of treatments for recent problems in a healthy person may range
from 2 to 5.

In a person with many health problems and a chronic disease, as many as 8 to 16 sessions may be required before an initial response is seen.

Typically, the recommendation is two to four treatments per week.

Some may not improve until the eighth or ninth visit. Others may require two or three treatments per week for several months for maximum results.

And sometimes, despite the acupuncturist’s best effort and skill, the patient does not respond to treatment.

In general, acute or short-term conditions require less treatment than chronic or long-term conditions.