What Sensations Will I Experience During Treatment?

Many patients have been amazed by the sensations they feel during treatment,
as if there their body is pulsating with a pleasant electrical current that they have never felt before.
 Acupuncture helps people feel their internal energy.

It gets them out of their head and restores a kind of intuitive connection with the body. Acupuncture has a way of dropping one's attention deep into the body to feel the subtle currents of sensation that are created by the movement of Qi.

Many people also describe how quickly the acupuncture session goes by. Even though they had been laying on the table for 45 minutes, they literally feel that only 10 minutes have passed.

This happens because acupuncture has a way of taking people out of linear time. As the patient's awareness becomes more body-oriented, the normal thought process of cause and effect ('I have to make that meeting at 12') falls away, and a sense of timelessness ensues.

This alone can be a profoundly healing experience.

If you try acupuncture, you will very likely fall asleep or simply sink into a deep relaxation. For the rest of the day (and possibly for several days after that), you will feel energized and refreshed, as if your body has just gone through a period of deep rest.