Which Acupuncture Style is Best for You?

The answer to this question really depends on your treatment needs and personal preferences.

Some acupuncture protocols are designed to provide temporary relief of symptoms, while other acupuncture protocols are designed to address symptoms’ root causes.

Some styles may be gentler or more intense than other styles.

Some health problems may be more responsive to a particular style of acupuncture, while other conditions may respond favorably to other acupuncture styles.

It is also true that some conditions may respond well to any style of acupuncture, while other conditions may not respond to acupuncture treatment at all.

As mentioned, most acupuncturists today utilize a combination of various acupuncture styles and techniques.

Further, since standardized acupuncture training programs are unavailable in many regions, every acupuncturist has his or her own unique training background and skills.

You are encouraged to try out different qualified acupuncturists until you feel that you have found the right one for you and your treatment needs.

Dr. Brian N. Hardy has studied several different styles of acupuncture that has been mentioned and he will generally use a combination of these styles to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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