Conditions Commonly Treated with Acupuncture

check-blue   Pain related to Pregnancy
check-blue   Nausea due to Pregancy
check-blue   Inducing Labor prior to delivery
check-blue   Headaches & Migraines
check-blue   Jaw and Face Pain
check-blue   TMJ

check-blue   Neck Pain

check-blue   Shoulder Pain
check-blue   Mid Back Pain

check-blue   Tennis Elbow
check-blue   Golfers Elbow

check-blue   Wrist Pain
check-blue   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

check-blue   Lower Back Pain
check-blue   Piriformis Syndrome 

check-blue   Sciatica

check-blue   Hip Pain
check-blue   Knee Pain
check-blue   Leg Pain
check-blue   Shin Splints

check-blue   Ankle Pain

check-blue   Foot Pain
check-blue   Neuropathy

check-blue   Arthritis Pain

check-blue   Anxiety

check-blue   Sports Injuries

check-blue   Motor Vehicle Injuries
check-blue   Depression

check-blue   Insomnia

check-blue   Sinus Problems

check-blue   Stress Related Disorders

check-blue   Menstrual & PMS Problems

check-blue   Smoking Addiction  

check-blue   Obesity & Weight Control